Monday, 9 April 2018

I'm proud to be one of the 70 members of staff from The Christie running to celebrate 70 years of the NHS - Eve Lightfoot

Eve Lightfoot, director of workforce

I've been a runner nearly all my life; I love the feeling of being outside in the fresh air blowing away the cobwebs. For someone who is always cold running when it's freezing outside is the best!

I've been a runner nearly all my life; I love the feeling of being outside in the fresh air blowing away the cobwebs. For someone who is always cold running when it's freezing outside is the best!

You will find me pounding the pavements in Didsbury every morning at 6am, except for at the weekend when it's more like 8am. It’s my space for thinking and putting the world to rights.

I've worked at The Christie for almost 10 years and first completed the Great Manchester Run for The Christie charity, five years ago. In the same year, I jumped out of a plane for the charity too.

The last 10k I did was a challenge with my partner Ian who I feel proud to say, with relentless encouragement and motivation from me, made it over the line. He was not best pleased however as we ran all the way together until we got to the end of the line, then my competitive streak got the better of me and I crossed the line first. I've never lived it down since.

So I'm here again about to run The Great Manchester Run for The Christie and to also celebrate 70 years of the NHS.

So, you may be thinking why, when I run every day anyway? I run every day but my 10k days are behind me these days. I tend to run shorter distances but I decided I wanted to challenge myself.

Secondly, I like to raise money for The Christie charity as my way of giving back to the organisation.
I absolutely love my job as director of workforce at The Christie. For someone who has a hospital phobia I never thought I would work in one and now I can't imagine working anywhere else. It's such a warm, friendly, positive uplifting place that gives hope to so many people.  When I walk through the corridor every day I feel really proud to be part of such a special place that makes such a difference to peoples’ lives. I'm lucky to have lots of opportunities to meet and talk to patients listening to the most amazing feedback about the care they receive from our staff.

I sit in many meetings and attend various events where we talk about the money our fundraisers raise for The Christie.  I've seen so many fabulous developments and services established as a result of charitable funding for our patients. Every time I see people on the street with a bucket or a Christie box on a shop counter I feel proud and want to play my part which is why I am running the Great Manchester Run.

I'm not brave enough these days to jump out of a plane or take part in any other daredevil event so when I saw a poster advertising the event I thought that's me, a personal challenge and an event to raise money. Then I noticed that this year’s event for The Christie was being linked to the celebration of 70 years of the NHS with the aim of recruiting 70 staff members to run. Well, I didn't need asking twice, this sealed it for me.

As the director of workforce, I wanted to lead by example and encourage others to take part. What more of a feel good factor could there be than to raise money whilst keeping fit and healthy. The run is a great opportunity to plug The Christie’s wellbeing agenda too.

It was way back before Christmas when I quietly signed myself up and now my secret is out and I find myself writing the blog and becoming a poster girl.

I hope this has helped any readers get motivated to do the run for The Christie. I will now focus on the task of actively recruiting fellow colleagues and start my training.  I’ll also purchase a pair of new trainers. I don't need an excuse to go shopping but a new pair of trainers always makes me train better!

If you are a member of Christie staff who wants to join Eve on the staff 70 for 70 team or, if you are a member of the public who wants to sign up for Team Christie then please email